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Iloilo–situated in the southern part of Panay island in Visayas region. Iloilo City dubbed as the City of Love across the Philippines. People living in Iloilo are referred to as ilonggo/ilongga while the most common local language is hiligaynon. They are known of being accommodating and sweet whenever they speak and act even if anger arises. An all-time happiness reflects on their faces. The city is known of its original La-paz batchoy scattered around the city proper by Ted’s and Deco’s among others.

You can see this sign along River Esplanade.
The famous bowl in Iloilo.

The Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral Church is a go-to place founded in 1587, the second national shrine in Visayas and Mindanao. The facade of the church with the stairs leading to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Candles.

Others include Molo Church, Museo Iloilo, Molo Mansion where a known shopping brand is located at the ground floor, the Lopez Heritage white house, and the River Esplanade along Senator Efrain Treñas Blvd.

Look for Kuya Onyok, a taxi driver for the city tour via his mobile number at 0930-912-1419.

Getting around Iloilo Cityy is accessible through jeepney’s sedan-like, tricycle, bus, and metered taxi. For nearby cities and municipalities, you need to board a van or a bus.

Iloilo and Guimaras in 4D3N Itinerary and Expenses:

1800 : Departure at Clark International Airport, Pampanga
1920 : Arrival at Iloilo International Airport
1920 - 1950 : Check in at The Pallet House, Jaro

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0400 : Wake up call, freshen up
0430 - 0500 : Check out while waiting the van (with prior notice thru Kuya Patong)
0500 - 0800 : Jaro to Carles terminal
0800 : Early check in at Ludy's Pension house and proceed to Carles port for registration
0830 : Start of Gigantes Island tour
1600 : End of tour

DAY 2 : GARIN Farm, San Joaquin 
(click for details)
0930 : ETD in Carles van terminal, near Ceres bus terminal terminal
1200 : ETA in Iloilo city
1200 - 1230 : Lunch at Robinson's
1230 - 1400 : Mabini jeep terminal (near Robinson's) to Purok 1 junction (jump off point to the farm)
1400 - 1410 : Purok 1 junction to Garin Farm
1410 - 1600 : Garin Farm Encounter
1600 - 1730 : Purok 1 junction-Garin Farm to Molo terminal via Ceres bus
1730 - 1800 : Molo terminal to Port of San Pedro (Ortiz Warf) via Taxicab
1800 - 1815 : San Pedro port to Jordan port Guimaras
1815 - 1850 : Jordan port to Small Wings Accommodation, San Miguel
1850 : Dinner and free time

DAY 3 : GUIMARAS Land tour and Iloilo City Tour 
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0600 : Wake up call
0700 - 1100 : Guimaras land tour
1100 - 1200 : Check out and Pasalubong in San Miguel
1200 - 1245 : Lunch at The Pitstop restaurant, San Miguel
1245 - 1300 : San Miguel to Jordan port
1300 - 1315 : Jordan port to Parola port in Iloilo
1315 - 1630 : Iloilo city tour via Taxicab
1630 - 1700 : La Paz batchoy at Ted's restaurant
1700 - 1730 : Iloilo city proper to airport
1920 : ETD in Iloilo Airport
2100 : ETA in Clark Airport

For common expenses both Iloilo and Guimaras in 4D3N for 3 persons:

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