Dinakdakan, a taste of Ilocano | MaykExplores

I bet most of the Filipinos are keen to experiment dishes nowadays. But in my opinon, still our indigenous people during their time are still remembered on how to cook and prepare Filipino food.

Dinakdakan is one of the flavourful dishes a filipino can serve on the dining table. It’s a grilled and boiled preparation from various parts of a pig like head, ear, brain, liver, and meat. It is a dish originated in Ilocos Region up north of the Philippines. Our ilocano/ilokano people usually opt to add internal organ like pig’s intestine so that no parts will be wasted until adopted in present time by most of us who love cooking. (For those who will try this first time, go! No need to think twice because its taste is perfect for viand or pulutan during inuman session). Some may also add chili which believes it will consume cups of rice. Mapaparami ka talaga. Unli!

Make sure that every main ingredient will suffice tenderness when you boil and grill by not totally burnt to enjoy chewing.

Check this Dinakdakan recipe by Panlasang Pinoy and enjoy with dabarkads!

Check http://www.panlasangpinoy.com for more recipes.

Funnside Ningnangan Angeles | MaykExplores

Looking for a food trip while heading to the north driving along the North Luzon Expressway?

A filipino special cuisine is what Funnside Ningnangan has to offer from wide range of seafood, veggies, and meats with different flavours served in a eco-friendly wooden plate atop with banana leaf.

It’s a self-service restaurant originated in Santo Tomas in Pampanga back in 2011 until it started to venture in Bulacan, Tarlac, and Cavite. Some of Filipino favorites are Salmon in Miso soup, buttered or sinigang shrimp, crispy pata, pork sisig, bulalo, chicharonbulalak, baked oyster (talaba) and more.

Crispy at its best!
This all time fave seafood, anywhere, everywhere.
Cheesy oyster baked ala Pampanga

Check out as follows on how to get in Angeles branch.

From South/NCR:

  1. From Metro Manila, head over to Victory Liner Pasay terminal (fare at P150.00), Cubao terminal in Quezon City (P139.00), or Caloocan terminal (P134.00) with an estimated trip of 2.5 – 3 hours.
  2. Alight at Dau terminal, Pampanga.
  3. Hop in a tricycle from Dau terminal going to Ningnangan Angeles branch for about 5-10 minutes at P50.00

From North/Dagupan:

  1. Look for Victory Liner terminal along Perez Boulevard in Dagupan City, Pangasinan.
  2. From terminal, ask for bus bound to Metro Manila that will pass through and alight at Dau for only P211.00.

These palatable dishes are must-try! Visit their Fb page and message them on how to get to their branches near you.

GrabWheels on-the-go in Intramuros, Manila | MaykExplores

As part of the sustainable tourism of the Department of Tourism, the Intramuros Administration and Grab Philippines signed an agreement on free-of-charge use of e-scooter. 

Registration booth.

GrabPh provided 30 units of the two-wheeled portable mobile service which will be free-of-charge until December 2019. Simply sign up, present your valid ID, and a briefing on safety by the assigned representative.

GrabWheels operation is open from 9 am to 4 pm, every Tuesdays to Sundays only.

Just visit them at Plaza Roma near Manila Cathedral and Comelec.

Enjoy your ride and learn from the hidden history of Intramuros.

#BeatTheTrafficOnWheels #GoGreenOnElectricity #EasyToRide

CWC CamSur and Mayon Volcano Albay | MaykExplores

Whenever I hear about Bicol region, what usually comes to my mind is their local cuisine — “bicol express” or locally called as ‘gulay na lada or gata’, a combination of chili peppers, gata (coconut milk), and pork. That’s how they cook dish as such adding spice or siling labuyo (native small chilies) on it where most of us enjoy and feel like it gives super power (just kidding) as well as eating more than we could. I have asked some Bicolanos during my travel and not all of them are fond of spicy. I even taste the “sili” ice cream found and originated only in Naga City.

Be cool here at Bicol!”

When it comes to sight-seeing, the Mayon volcano is also stand out to me known as the perfect cone-shaped active volcano in Asia located in the province of Albay. Here, you can have the chance to experience closely around Mayon using ATV catered by tour operators with different packages that will take around one to five hours of driving depending on your choice.

Bicol region is composed of six provinces, for mainland namely Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay, Sorsogon and for offshore–Catanduanes and Masbate. I will tell you what I found and discover in Camaraines Sur and Albay except for the rest provinces which soon are part of my future escapade. You can click here for Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte, a mesmerizing white sand and crystal blue water visible in the islands. By far in my opinion, the long-stretch beach in Calaguas is more likely Boracay in Aklan province. Seriously!

Early of this year 2019, I traveled the region at select provinces particularly Camarines Sur and Albay. Six times daily flights are flocking in Naga airport by two top airlines–Cebu Pacific and PAL. Upon arrival, I used to walk from the airport up to the national road for 10-15 minutes via airport road. I boarded a bus heading to Naga City proper for only P150.00. This is way cheaper than chartering a private taxi which costs you P300.00 unless you do have more baggages to carry on or if you can find carpooling with other passengers. I opted to wait bus along the national road that took me 45 minutes to one hour. Bus terminal is located near SM Naga and so other terminals of jeep and tricycle. From there, I boarded a tricycle heading to my accommodation in San Sebastian St. (knowing it can be reached by just walking) then I took a quick rest for my Albay escapade within the first day.

An almost three-hour travel time to reach the province of Albay from Naga City just to witness the astounding perfect cone Mayon volcano. Much appreciation as you get closer by availing ATV packages under LAVA (Love ATV Volcanic Adventure) where registration and starting point is located near Cagsawa ruins at Brgy. Busay, Daraga, Albay. This so far has given me an exciting trail among other ATV operators across the country. You can contact kuya Mike for the packages available at 0998-213-4874 or 0909-413-1706 and to assist you in driving lesson which particularly same as the usual motorcycle but be extra cautious because terrains are expected with bit struggle.

“Ooops! That’s just a simple trail.
It excites me the most!”
LAVA Package as of January 2019.

The second day was well spent at the CWC or the CamSur Watersports Complex located in the Provincial Capitol Complex Cadlan in Pili. You can choose from a various array of water activities like the most popular sport–wakeboarding, aqua park inflatable, kayaking, wind surfing, and more.

Please contact CWC if this is operational.
A huge picturesque frame with wakeboarding as background.

CWC amenities also included clubhouse restaurant and bar, cabana rentals, and swimming pool.
For rate, you can hit their website at www.cwcwake.com. I swear, you won’t stop wakeboarding pulled by a rope! A beginner can start wakeboarding in a separate lagoon back and forth. You can request transfer to a wide circular lagoon for professional. 

Here is a simple itinerary for 3D2N.

0540 : Departure in NAIA 4
0700 : Arrival in Naga Airport (10 minutes walk through airport road)
0700 - 0745 : Airport to Naga City Bus Terminal
0745 - 0800 : Terminal to Accommodation
0800 - 0830 : Quick rest and freshen up
0830 - 1130 : Naga City to Legazpi (you can actually get off at Cagasawa ruins where vast tour operators for ATV are located)
1130 - 1200 : Quick Lunch in SM Legazpi
1200 - 1230 : SM Legazpi terminal to Cagsawa
1230 - 1630 : ATV Adventure located near Cagsawa Ruins
1630 - 1700 : Waited bus along national road
1700 - 2000 : Cagsawa to SM Naga
2000 : Free time, took dinner and back to accommodation
0700 : Wake up call
0700 - 0720 : Accommodation to jeep terminal near SM City Naga
0720 - 0810 : Jeep terminal to jump off point (Landmark: 7 eleven)
0810 - 0825 : 7 eleven to CWC
0825 - 0900 : roamed around, picture ops
0900 - 1300 : Start of activities
1300 - 1400 : freshen up
1400 : back to Naga City, free time and tried to taste the popular Sili Ice Cream at 1st Colonial Grill in SM City Naga. In all fairness, this strawberry-color and spicy flavor soft frozen food is a must-try! Yours at 99.00 petot only.
I’m hotter than you think.”
This popular ice cream comes with level of spicy from 1, 2, 3, and the most spicy is Volcano.

I suggest maximizing your time and visit Caramoan. I was not able to come and explore the group of islands in Caramoan due to heavy rain in the afternoon.

0700 : Wake Up call
0720 - 0830 : Freshen up and packing
0830 - 0850 : Accommodation to Pasalubong Ctr.
0850 - 0930 : Bus terminal to Naga Airport
1205 : Departure in Naga City
1325 : Arrival in NAIA 4 Mla.

Pasalubong center is located at Stall 7 & 8, Bicol Central Station (opposite of CBD Plaza hotel), Ninoy and Cory Avenue, Naga City, Bicol. Almost all stuff are available like souvenirs, pili nuts products, bottled dishes and delicacies, accessories, home decors and more.

My third day was also a bad weather where LPA is reported in Bicol region. Naga Airport administration declared cancellation of flight so the only alternative is rerouting in Legazpi airport. I grabbed the changes but unfortunately I am hesitant to catch the flight wherein 2-3 hours of travel from Naga to Legazpi airport should be taken. I should go back to Bus terminal in Naga city proper.

Surprisingly, it was a really adventurous thing that I came to a point to board a bus from Naga City Bus Terminal thru Isarog Busline heading back to Manila. It costs me P1,100.00 equipped with reclining chairs and air-conditioned. Travel time is approximately 8-10 hours so better to bring snacks but don’t worrry, the bus is usually stops in Quezon province. The ordinary bus (non-aircon) can cost at P500 for one way, more cheapest than other bus company.

Check image below for total damage excluding airfare. There are sudden expenses like the bus fare at P1,100.00. Also, food and pasalubong are approximate amount only.

Missionaries of the Poor, Manila | #MaykExplores

Christmas is just around the corner. I am truly honored with the assistance of my friends’ church organization and of course one of the biggest fast-food chains worldwide–Jollibee just to make our planned event turns into reality.

“Sa Jollibee, Bida ang Saya!.”

I felt so inspired by many of our foundations throughout the Philippines in reaching our dear less-fortunate Filipinos to serve and give benevolence in a very simple way. The spirit of thanksgiving and camaraderie show how non-profit organizations nowadays emerging because of a belief that everything is meant to be shared.

My friend and I collaborated with each other for the Missionaries of the Poor Manila to share a little food to bite to every lolos more importantly the special children and some outside kids. Thanks a hundred folds to them and also for Jollibee’s hundred of burgers were given out to each of our beneficiaries and became successful as we put smiles among them. The team also added variety of food coming from their organization’s fund as well as presented a show where they can showcase their talents.

A young kid carrying a toy given by a foreign group.

The Missionaries of the Poor is located at San Andres Bukid, Manila City under the supervision and assistance of Rev. Fr. Ambrose, MOP. The mission superior, Bro. Anthony Wechuli, MOP and the other Brothers. The mission begun historically in Jamaica in 1981 followed by seven countries including Philippines where there are 3 mission sites: Naga City, Cebu City and Manila City. It was 2008 when founder Rev. Fr. Richard Ho Lung initiated the talks pursuing mission in the urban poor areas in Manila particularly in San Andres Bukid. Later,  all the good deeds of our Brothers is now a success. Some of their activities are sharing catechism to children and families nearby, feeding program, and dental check up. Meanwhile, the Manila mission is catering abandoned lolos and special young men as the team is planning soon to be of service to elderly abandoned women.

Their smile brings joy to everyone.
One of the lolos who sang with the volunteers.

You may refer to below details whenever you visit and plan for activities by schedule. By far, there are 19 children and 21 lolos.

Contact: MJ / Bro. Anthony J
+63910-4622-664 / +63921-6374-900 or
Visit them at 1766 Sagrada Familia Street, San Andres Bukid, Manila City

This is a meaningful chance to mingle with them and touch ones life! May all the graces of the Lord be always with us! Let’s make our presence a blessing to everyJuan!