Sinukuan : A Blessed Tree | MaykExplores

Did you know a tree that has cross in the center of its branch? This is what you call Sinukuan Tree found in Guimaras where locals used to carve as an amulet. This is only gathered during Good Friday and believed that it gives luck and protection to a person who use or wear it. ThereContinue reading “Sinukuan : A Blessed Tree | MaykExplores”

GUIMARAS : A Home of Sweet Mangoes| MaykExplores

This sole island was once part of Iloilo and was independently made its way official as province in 1992. Also known as the Mango Capital of the Philippines and as the major producer of sweet mangoes that can be exported international with variety of products such as dried mango, jam, and other delicacies. One of the major events,Continue reading “GUIMARAS : A Home of Sweet Mangoes| MaykExplores”